Wednesday, April 1, 2009


What a day.

Whew, and again I say...WHEW!

Up early this morning and excited to break the 3-day fast that I have been on with my "latex salesman" Jake.  I have fasted before, but mostly Daniel's fasts.  This one was water ONLY.  Hubba.  We made it, though.  So we met for breakfast and talked about our experiences.  Awesome and scary.  God is truly stretching both of us in our lives and in our ministry.  I keep reflecting on what we heard at the Catalyst One Day conference: "You must become comfortable with being uncomfortable."

Whew!  I am so thankful for Jake.

I had a great lunch with Ruby at Ruby Tuesday's.  We should have gone yesterday so I could say that I had lunch with Ruby on Tuesday at Ruby Tuesday's.  It is always good to connect with Ruby, and I vowed to get together with her more often.  We understand each other, both of us having lost a spouse.  Beth and I were only married a short time and Ruby was married for over 50 years, but we have been through it.

Whew!  I am so thankful for Ruby.

I am excited tonight about worshipping at C3 for the "First Wednesday" service.  Each time I have been able to go to one of these services, the Holy Spirit just blows me away.  I love Pastor Matt and Martha, Cory and Krystal,  and all of my friends out there.  So excited for the Kingdom as C3 launched their Raleigh campus this past week-end and had over 500 people attend!  6 prayed to receive Christ!  That never gets old.  Looking forward to heading out there tonight with my friend, David.

Whew!  I am so thankful for C3 and for my friend, David.

A lot going on today with work sandwiched in between.  It feels good.