Monday, June 30, 2008

This Is Only A Test

Do you remember that feeling you would get just before a big test/exam in high school or college? Anxiety...pressure! Forget about the pop quizes! Those would just magnify everything!

We just finished up a series in Huddle on "Integrity", and I talked this past week-end about the "test of integrity".

Pop quizes will freak you out! "Hey! I didn't know I was going to have to know this today." "I thought you would let me know when I would need to be ready!" True? We want to be told when to expect the test. No surprises, thank you.


  • pop quizes don't work like that
  • life rarely works like that
  • God doesn't work like that

God has not come to me and said, "OK, Russ. Wednesday at 7:36AM you are going to be tested. I know you have not done anything up to this point to prepare...but!"

I was a good student in college and I made excellent grades. I didn't have to stay up all night before a big exam and drink pot after pot of coffee and try to cram every bit of information I could into my brain to try to slide through with a passing grade.

I studied each day. Every day. I would re-write my notes. I would re-read the text. I was ready when the test came because I prepared for it all along the way. It was a way of life for me.

That's how we have to handle our walks as followers of Christ. We have to spend time each day in God's Word and in prayer. It has to be a way of life.

Will we be ready for the test? It's coming.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bring It!

Pastor Mike brought it tonight. At Hope, we're in a series called "Get Smart...Christianity For Dummies". This week-end, it's "Sorry About That Chief", and we are dealing with prejudices. Awesome text from the book of James.

Pastor nailed it! He was spot on about illegal immigration as he referenced Leviticus 19. Man! We gotta love! When did we become known for being so flippin' "ANTI"?

Plus, we are finishing up a series in First Impressions huddle on "Integrity". I know God has been all in this thing and has really given Mary Ann and me the freedom to put His truth out there.

Listening to some Metallica now before bed...looking forward to sharing my heart in Huddle tomorrow morning...then heading off to C3 for the 11:15 service...then lunch with my bud, Jackson.

Big heapin' dose of God's truth this week-end, for sure!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seven Jeans...True Religion

Is this thing on? Wow! It has been a mighty long time since I have last posted. Thank you for all of your prayers for me and my family as we celebrated the life of my grandmother.

Not only have I missed posting here, but I have missed reading my "daily" blogs. Maybe I am back on track, but I was able to briefly talk today with one of the dudes whose blogs I check out every day. I was scoping out the half-yearly Men's sale at Nordstrom today and saw Pastor Matt Fry of C3. What a blessing he was to me today, and it was great connecting with him. God is moving in huge ways at C3. HUGE!

He introduced me to his wife, Martha as well as Pastor Joe Champion of Celebration Church (Austin,TX) and his wife, Lori. Keep these pastors, their families, and their churches in your prayers.

Pastor Matt (Master Patt) ...keep pressing on and thanks for your time today.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Life Well Lived

APRIL 5, 1916 - JUNE 2, 2008

Some woman, that grandmother of mine. I have been trying to narrow down what I would share about her at her funeral Thursday. So many stories and so many memories. 92 years! Wow! I believe we were all "prepared" that this day would come, but it is still very difficult.

Grandma loved Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior. My grandfather, Russell Jefferson Williams, loved Jesus Christ. What a reunion took place yesterday!

My prayer for this week is that we honor God and honor my grandmother as we celebrate her life and her love. She was the last one of my living grandparents. I was so blessed to have four wonderful grandparents who loved me (and spoiled me) so much.

She truly fought the good fight.